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Sustainable IT Ecosystems

Island’s team is dedicated to making sense of it all…or at least what’s important to your business.  Lean on us for guidance and we will make sure that decisions become “educated” decisions.  Let us shed some light on hot topics like cybersecurity, cloud and managed services.  See how it relates to your operation.  If you aren’t doing it, rest assured, your competitors are.

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Managed IT Environments.

Get some value out of your IT services. Outsource your day-to-day IT management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving your operations. Engage our vCIO resources and plan for the future.

Managed IT services combines the value of proactive monitoring, rapid response resolution and increased security to ensure your business is on the right track.

We offer affordable solutions that we customize to meet your needs…everything from engaging with your current IT staff to providing all of your IT infrastructure and services for a monthly fee. Imagine never having to buy hardware ever again or wondering how you will cope with a network problem when your IT resource is away.

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Security & Vulnerability.

Protect your data, thwart threats and secure your valuable digital assets. It’s not all about cyber-criminals. It’s about inadvertently opening that malicious email attachment. It’s about that disgruntled employee before and after he leaves. It’s about forgetting your laptop at Timmie’s. Have a plan?

Island will provide the guidance for creating policies that speak to cyber-security, risk assessment and business continuance in the event of a catastrophe. Opt-in to our vCIO services and benefit from a better understanding of your site’s vulnerabilities.

Firewall penetration, endpoint security, employee credentials and backups shouldn’t be keeping you up at night. Let’s have that discussion.

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Cloud & Colocation.

Co-locate your infrastructure in our data centre where bandwidth, power and security are top priorities. Know that your gear is safe and that uptime is paramount.

With Island as your guide, take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Take advantage of combining the use of your infrastructure with the ability to scale within the cloud when you need the cycles.

Transform your business and enable the cloud. It’s inevitable. Baby steps are OK. Let’s have a talk to see how the cloud can best serve you.

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Procurement & Deployment.

New projects often take you away from focusing on your business. Trust us to handle the entire project and enjoy the benefits of having our team of experts at your disposal.

Outsourcing your procurement saves you time and money. Servers, storage, network switches and desktop computers need not be your headache. Keep it simple. Whatever we recommend will align with your business strategy.

A predictable engagement model ensures that you and your suppliers have access to the Island resources you need for successful completion of projects. Get us involved early.

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Data Migration.

Hardware or application refreshes often require migration services. Talk to us about your challenges. We’ll come up with a plan or at least point you in the right direction.

Extracting its healthcare data from an old PACS, RIS or EMR is more than just migrating files. It is about ensuring that the data is properly deployed, available and compatible within its new enterprise environment. Data continuity is extremely important in the life cycle of your patient data.

This also applies when you are migrating from one storage platform to another. There is no need to worry about migrating off tape, jukeboxes or SAN/NAS/DAS storage. Consolidate your data on current hardware and benefit from the latest technology available.

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Medical Displays.

We know medical displays. From teleradiology workstations for radiologists who read from home, to multi-site province-wide requirements for both diagnostic imaging and clinical review applications, Island Corporation can help.

We understand the requirements and have studied the guidelines for recommending medical displays in Canada. Quality assurance and DICOM calibration standards require automation tools and verification processes. We have the tools and the knowledge to eliminate the concerns.

Our medical display partners are Barco, Eizo, NEC and Wide. Each has its own merits. Let us help with choosing the right display for your application. Island holds Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) #3511 issued by Health Canada.

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