img-serverAt the heart of an organization lies your core infrastructure. Everything depends on it, and much of your organization’s time is spent managing it. Core infrastructure includes data center services such as virtualization and networking IT processes and compliance. All of these capabilities work together to support your enterprise, and anything you can do to optimize these capabilities has widespread benefits.

By making changes in your core infrastructure’s capabilities you can eliminate unnecessary costs and complexity, improve user experience and productivity, and increase your security and control – all of which helps turn your IT organization into a strategic asset. According to leading industry studies from Gartner and IDC, the three areas that yield the most tangible cost savings from the least amount of effort and investment are making better use of what you already own, standardizing and simplifying IT management, and reducing unnecessary costs and waste.

A key capability within your core infrastructure is data center services. The workloads included in this capability are data center management and virtualization, server security, networking, and storage. You can realize significant benefits from optimizing these areas.

Virtualizing servers can:

  • Increase your utilization
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Decrease your server management costs

With cloud computing, you can use a private cloud, either on your premises or off site, to dynamically pool, allocate, and manage your resources. A private cloud significantly decreases your management costs and allows you to use resources on demand. Or you can choose to extend your private cloud to a public cloud to build, modify, and distribute applications to the web using minimal resources. This solution enables software delivery over the Internet to simplify deployment, reduce acquisition costs, and manage and consolidate your IT infrastructure.